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professional groomer of both cats & dogs.

About me

I am a female professional groomer, I started grooming in 2010 In Crete, Greece.  I did exceptionally well with it out there so decided to come back here and continue it as Greece was going down hill with the economy.

As well as my grooming and training I also make pet portraits, either as a wood burning,or as a sketch, there are samples of my work in my shop, call in and ask about them

I offer a cat sitting service (local only) and small pets (not dogs) prices start at £8.

 I have recently expanded into a pet shop selling everything from poultry & pet food, to cat litter & treats, why not call in and take a look. or contact me if you are looking for something specific.

I groom both cats and dogs, I also teach training, behaviour, I teach you the owner how to handle your dog and why he does what he does.

Training starts at £35 an hour for basic obedience training and £50 an hour for aggression problems.All lessons are one to one.

Grooming is an essential part of most dogs life, without it their coat and skin can have all kinds of problems, such as dandruff, dry patches, bald patches, the fur will become matted, all breeds of dogs need grooming, even smooth coated (eg, jack russell, doberman, rottweiler etc..) dogs with longer coats need brushing on a daily basis ideally, basic rule of thumb, the longer the coat the more brushing, just forgetting or not having time to groom your  short to long coated dog can result in his coat being matted.
I groom all breeds and sizes of dogs, I do not use cage dryers and I only do one dog at a time so they are not sat in a cage all day, as soon as they are done they can go home.

Matted dogs suffer as the fur is pulling on their skin causing great discomfort, the more matted they become the more uncomfy they become, it is essential especially in the winter months that your dogs coat is brushed daily, as wind, rain and snow cause matting!

Training is a life long commitment, not just a 5 minute wonder, it takes  a lot of time and  patience but the rewards are a beautifully well mannered dog.  
Contact me Andi on 0754 502 5353

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